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Endoluxe Inc.

Founded in 2014, our visionary system is well positioned in the market as a device that is revolutionary in terms of what it offers and how much it costs. Endoluxe is the new kid on the block and we want to build traction, that’s why we have priced our product in such a way so that we build a great customer base and have the Endoluxe System in the hands of every endoscopy surgeon in America and around the world. We want Endoluxe to define the future of endoscopy across the surgical and medical spectrum.

Our current solution in the Endoluxe design will encompass everything within the tower systems currently on the market. As the future is moving towards an all-digital solution, we will integrate the scope and our system completely into one seamless form factor so that the scope itself is the Cyclops as well as the dock in the surgeon’s hands, completely wireless, completely HD, with all of the connectivity and storage capabilities as well as 3-D vision. Down the road in Gen 3, we will be doing image analytics, so that the system will highlight areas of interest. For example the physician may be doing a cystoscopy and may miss a very small bladder tumor, our system will highlight the area of suspicion and point the clinician to examine it more closely.

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Leadership Team
Neal Patel, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Phil Zhao, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Louise Hucal
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Dentino
Chief Operating Officer