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The wireless Endoluxe Orb houses immense processing power and provides the light source and optics that aid in the endoscopy procedure. These components generate a large amount of heat output, which HSD’s engineering team had to cleverly manage and dissipate. The team also included Hall Effect sensors for intuitive device activation to minimize the power draw from the unit when not in use and remove needed buttons, which could cause unwanted activation/deactivation of the system.


The orb houses a highly precise camera, which takes the analog image from the endoscope lens and creates a digital image that is viewable on a 1” circular capacitive touchscreen. The device housings were also designed with refurbishment in mind so that the device would not need to be broken to access the internals, yet not have screws which would take up valuable real-estate.


The Endoluxe Orb has a universal, one-handed, robust coupler system that enables it to be used with a variety of endoscopes while keeping the high precision alignment needed for optimal visualization. Its unique form allows it to become an extension of the endoscope with the center of gravity in line with the scope allowing for both left and right-handed operation. The charging station and receiver are stackable to minimize the footprint of the system, and the orb utilizes a clear, LED backlit ring to convey the status of the device from any viewing angle. A circular UI screen compliments the video feed taken by the camera and enables unique user interaction capabilities.

The Endoluxe system gives users increased flexibility. Unlike the cart-based tower systems, its size allows it to be easily transported between multiple locations, and the Endoluxe Orb is cordless, allowing for greater maneuverability during use. Its small compact size provides a live feed on the Orb’s display, and can cast to a monitor for greater visibility. The device is also optimized for weight to ensure it does not cause discomfort for the user’s wrist or interfere with the procedure. The Endoluxe Vision System shatters the perception of current endoscopic suites by providing a cost-effective solution that packs all the features of the traditional cart-based system into a wireless, portable, and handheld device.



Cystoscopy, Ureteroscopy, TURP, TURBT, Urolift, Rezum, etc.. (Office/ASC/Hospital)


Hysteroscopy and Vaginoscopy (Office/ASC/Hospital)

General Urology

Laparoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy (ASC/Hospital)


Bronchoscopy (Hospital/ICU/Office/ASC)


Knee or Wrist Arthroscopy (Office/ASC)


Otolarangoscopy (Office/ASC/Hospital)

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