We Replace Your Endoscopy Tower

  • Portable

    With a small footprint, the device can be carried from room to room, office to office, or to the hospital. It is small enough to fit in your pocket.

  • Wireless

    Our system is completely wireless, meaning no cables no cords are needed and all data is transferred via robust, reliable WiFi connection. No existing WiFi network is required to operate.

  • All-in-one

    Our system works completely right out of the box. No additional parts or accessories are required. 

The Advantage

"Endoluxe’s innovative technology will empower the physician-surgeon with the ability to perform endoscopic procedures in any setting, at any moment, with an integrated suite of software features connected within the cloud."

- Phil Zhao M.D., Co-Founder

Suite of Features

  • No Cables

    Our system has no cables to tether down the clinician. It provides a sense of freedom never seen before.

  • Built in Light Source

    With a proprietary magnetic clamping light source we can deliver ultra bright white light that can illuminate most cavities.

  • HD Camera

    Our camera is 720p and 1080p video quality with auto white balancing and color correction.

  • Wireless Display

    Wireless Display technology allows us to deliver live wireless stream to any HDMI/DVI display with a latency of under 150 ms.

  • Optimized Battery

    Designed to provide up to 2 hours of continuous use per charge with ultrafast USB-C recharging.

  • Physician Designed

    This system was designed for physicians by physicians. Ease of use, interface design and ergonomics are all clinician-centric.

  • HIPAA Compliant Cloud

    Feel safe knowing that your PHI data is secure in our HIPAA complaint AES-256 bit encrypted environment.

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Customer service link you've never experience. We will provide you a level of personalized support unparalled in our commerical space.

  • Versatile Storage Options

    We provide many options to store your recorded videos and pictures securely: On the Orb, Reciever, USB, connected NAS, local server, or our cloud.

  • Access from any Device

    Access your data from any device. Provide secure shared links to your colleagues or patients to review their media.

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

    Updates are pushed periodically and automatically to add/activate new features, user interfaces and apply critical updates

  • QR Codes

    Patient demographics can be pre-populated in a worklist and loaded onto the Orb using the onboard camera and a printed linked QR Code.

Specialty Specific Applications

  • Urology

    Cystoscopy, Ureteroscopy, TURP, TURBT, Urolift, Rezum, etc.. (Office/ASC/Hospital)

  • Gynecology

    Hysteroscopy and Vaginoscopy (Office/ASC/Hospital)

  • Pulmonology

    Bronchoscopy (Hospital/ICU/Office/ASC)

  • Orthopedics

    Knee or Wrist Arthroscopy (Office/ASC)

  • General Surgery

    Laparoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy (ASC/Hospital)

  • ENT

    Otolarangoscopy (Office/ASC/Hospital)

Upcoming Features

  • Voice Activation

    Our built in microphone will allow true hands free control with complete control using voice.

  • Machine Learning

    Using the video data collected anonymously we will be creating a video learning algorithm to allow the system to automatically detect abnormal pathology as on overlay on the live video.

  • Auto Image Stabilization

    The on-board 6-axis gyro will always correct by rotating the imaging to make sure that o'clock is always up on your remote display. No longer will you have to make sure your image/camera head is rotated properly.

  • Improved Cancer Detection

    Using special wavelengths of light and some software correction we will have a solution to increase cancer detection rates of certain types of lesions.

  • Augmented HUD Support

    We will be soon providing support for heads up displays that can provide an augmented reality experience.

  • EMR / PACS Integrations

    As the need arises our team will work to integrate images and videos into existing EMR and PACS systems.


Are you FDA Approved?

The Endoluxe EVS system is a Class 1 FDA Exempt Device. We are FCC compliant and 60601 certified. Our manufacturing is compliant with latest ISO and GMP standards required by the FDA. We are in the process of seeking CE approval in 2020.

What happens if it's low on power during a procedure?

You can plug in the Orb with the included USB-C cable.

Are you available outside the US?

Not yet.  The EVS is currently launching the United States first. We are eager to launch this to the rest of the world. However since we are a small growing company we have decided to focus our efforts in the US first.

How fast does the Orb charge?

Charging is performed via USB-C connection. A full charge can take up to 40 minutes. However if charged between procedures, the Orb will not run out of charge. (This is based on average procedures of 30 min or less with 20 minutes of turnover time between cases.)

Does this work with any endoscope?

The system was designed to be universal. Almost all analog scopes with an eye piece and light port are compatible. We have developed special light port adapters for all major endoscope manufacturers to ensure compatibility.